Exploring CTE Through the Eyes of Students
CTE Student Video Competition

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Exploring CTE Through the Eyes of Students

CTE Student Video Competition

Open to students grades 9-12 and college

$1,500 in Prizes

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2021


Share the Official 2021-2022 CTE Student Video Competition Flyer

The Hawaii Association for Career and Technical Education invites students (High school grades 9-12 and college), to tell their own stories of the positive impact that a CTE program and teachers and/or mentors had on their career pathway journey. Students have the opportunity to feature their digital media skills and will be judged on criteria based on story-telling (theme), impact, and creativity.

Video Submissions

  • Student led project (teachers and counselors may assist)

  • Individual or groups (up to 3 students)

  • Video submissions must be in MP4 format and less than 5GB

  • Recommended video length is 90 seconds to 2 minutes (3 minute maximum)

  • Post videos on YouTube video as public or unlisted and submit link at https://bit.ly/hawaiiacte_video by November 30, 2021

Video Content

I​NTRODUCTION (Name, grade, school, academy/pathway, additional information)


  • How has your CTE academy/pathway helped you grow and prepare for college and/or your career choice?

  • Following questions can help guide your testimonial

    • What do you learn and do in your CTE program/academy?

    • What do you like best about your CTE program/academy?

    • How will your CTE program/academy help you in your future career?

    • How does your CTE program/academy help you prepare for college?

    • Describe competitions you have participated in through your CTE program/academy.

    • Describe projects you have completed, are currently working on or will complete through your CTE program/academy.

    • Describe how you engage with businesses through your CTE program/academy.

    • Highlight the great things your teacher does in your CTE program/academy.

    • Describe work-based learning opportunities have you participated in?



High School and Postsecondary Divisions

  • First Place: $ 350 (each division)

  • Second Place: $ 250 (each division)

  • Third Place $ 150 (each division)


Winners selected by: 15% fan voting, views 15%, rubric 70%

Winning videos will be linked and featured on Hawaii ACTE, Hawaii Career Pathways, HIDOE websites and also featured during February 2022 CTE Month activities.


Videos will be submitted via a link to a posted YouTube video at https://bit.ly/hawaiiacte_video. Creators retain full ownership of the videos per YouTube’s Terms of Service, which includes a “License to Other Users.”


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