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2020 Hawaii ACTE Conference

Shared Presenter Resources

(Re)Defining the Goal (Keynote) - Kevin Fleming

ACT National Career Readiness Certificate.Benefit to Students and Educators - Cheri Tune

Adolescent Vaccination Peer-Education Pilot Project - Sandra Chang

Ala Hele: The Path to Education, Employment, and Careers (AJC)

Assessment Strategies in Project-Based Learning - Perry Buchalter

Becoming Their First Choice - Kevin Fleming

Castle STEAM Camps: Providing Opportunities to Female Students - Ryan Saito

Challenge Accepted! The Ins and Outs of Becoming a CTE Leader - Shani Watkins

CTE Prep for Students with Disabilities - Education Associates

Culinary Institute of the Pacific: Food-Culture-Innovation for the 21st Century - John Richards

Future Proofing & the 21st Century Educator - Loretta Chen

Getting Started with Gmail - Rachael Inake

Hawaii Legislative Update - Jarrod Nagurka

Hawaii's Healthcare Careers in Demand - Carl Hinson

How Educators Help Grow Their Communities Through A Workforce Ecosystem - Cheri Tune

How to Prepare Your Students for the Workforce Utilizing Career Coach - Cori Conner

Implement Cybersecurity within Your Curriculum – Petersen Gross

Integrating Professional Skills Into Your Classroom and Beyond - Jean Schneider

Kaduceus "Hands-On" Certification Programs Give Students the Competitive Edge - Nancy Mallini

Opportunities in Health Care - Shelli Ihori

Perkins V - Draft of the Hawai'i State Plan.. Provide Your Input - Bernadette Howard, Richard Seder

The Employification of CTE – Craig Omori

The Power of Failure - Loretta Chen

The Secret to Happiness - Loretta Chen

The Successes and Challenges of Establishing a Non-Profit, Non-Government Construction Training Program - Herbert Johnston

Tidying Up Your Gmail - Rachael Inake

Uncovering Student Performance Gaps - HI Data Dashboard - Ricardo Romanillos

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