2019 Hawai'i ACTE Award Winner - Administrator of the Year

Administrator of the Year

This award recognizes administrative CTE professionals at the school, district, county, state or federal level who have demonstrated leadership in ensuring teacher and student success and have made significant contributions toward innovative, unique and effective career and technical education programs.

Keith Hayashi

Waipahu High School

Keith Hayashi's deep desire is to help all students be successful in life and learn to be contributing members of society. He believes that schools are the hub of the community and can have a positive impact on a child’s life, family, and their community. 


Understanding the school’s demographics of disadvantaged and recent immigrants, Keith sought to provide all students with equal, relevant, and rigorous educational opportunities by establishing the Early College program at Waipahu High School. He was committed to changing the mindset of those who believed that attending college was an impossible goal to achieve. Through his relentless effort of attaining grants to subsidize student’s tuition and books, the program has significantly grown to 511 students enrolled in one of 25 courses offered and 481 enrolled in two or more courses in the 2018-2018 school year. From the Class of 2018, 12 were able to graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate’s degree simultaneously. As a direct result of the efforts, students are now entered directly into an accelerated post-secondary program at either Leeward/Honolulu/Kapiolani Community College, The University of Hawaii, and West Oahu.


Keith's leadership skills are evident even beyond the Waipahu High School community. Serving on the board of directors for the National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC), he played an integral part in helping to inspire and influence all of the Hawaii High schools by organizing the Hawaii Academy Principal’s Collaborative that meets monthly to ensure the quality of the career academies for all of Hawaii students. Many administrators and CTE coordinators in the Hawaii Academies value Keith's vision and incorporate many of his ideas into their school design. As a result, The NCAC requested Keith to share his academy development and achievement through a two-day Insight Onsite. For this event, Complex Area Superintendents, school administrators, academy teams visited the Waipahu High School CTE/academy programs and consulted with Keith on strategies for developing and emerging academies in Hawaii and Guam. As a testament to his efforts, he will serve as the 2019 National Career Coalition Conference keynote speaker in Philadelphia.


During his tenure, the school has shown increases in graduation rates, student achievement, daily attendance, and Career and Technical Education (CTE) completion rates for the school. Waipahu High School is also the first school in Hawaii to have been designated as a National Model Academy by the National Career Academy Coalition.