2023 Hawaii ACTE Conference

January 27 - 28, 2023

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Call for Presenters

Hawaii ACTE features an exciting, educational, informative and inspirational agenda geared towards our CTE educators and partners. We are seeking proposals that address a full range of issues facing CTE educators, administrators and other key stakeholders as they strive to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in today's economy. We encourage a wide range of proposals from individuals at any career level. Our Board of Directors will focus on innovative ideas or new approaches to key challenges within CTE, and they will choose sessions that feature evidence-based, high-quality career and technical education program of study elements. Quality sessions will engage the audience and provide attendees with practical, “how to” ideas and resources that directly impact CTE programs and student achievement. 

Local Site Visits

Hawaii ACTE believes that learning can take place anywhere. We value place-based learning and that is why we would love to partner with local schools, communities and businesses to bring our educators in for a full day learning. Fill out the form below to offer a site visit or recommend a site visit with a potential partner. 

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